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I am available for contract and consulting work!

  • Video game narrative and game design
  • Writing for interactive and linear storytelling
  • Hobby game writing and design (card games, board games, RPGs, etc.)
  • Transmedia campaigns and strategy

Rates are available upon request. I don't post my rates online for two reasons:

1) Each contract or situation is unique. Any set of one-size-fits-all rates would ignore a lot of factors that go into whether my skills are the right fit for you.

2) Money isn't the only factor I consider. A variety of non-monetary benefits may incline me towards a project that pays below my normal range.

Don't use this page to contact a company I work for. I don't mind talking to fans about my work for other companies, but I'm not those companies, and I'm not an avenue to try to get around their official communication outlets. If you do, I'll just tell you to go back to the company in question.


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