Pugmire RPG Questions

Have a question about the rules of Pugmire? We keep the most frequently-asked questions here for easy reference! You can ask more questions on the official Pugmire forum.

Note: This only covers Pugmire and (when it releases) Monarchies of Mau. The Early Access books are not covered, as they were designed to be previews of the final games.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Q: Can you have multiple advantages or disadvantages? For example, if my character is in a good tactical position, and she also has a trick that grants her advantage, does she get advantage twice?

A: No. Advantage and disadvantage are binary: You either have it or you don't. Think of it like "I have the advantage" or "I'm at a disadvantage."

Q: Do advantage and disadvantage cancel each other out?

A: Yes. If you're in a position where your character has both advantage and disadvantage, you make a normal roll instead.

Armor and Weapons

Q: How does armor work if you don't have the appropriate trick?

A: The dog can't wear the armor to gain any benefit. In other words, her defense doesn't change, even if she's wearing armor. The Guide might impose additional penalties, if he desires.

Q: What about weapons?

A: Any character can use simple weapons, but only those with the Simple Weapon Aptitude trick can add their proficiency bonus. A character using a martial weapon without the Martial Weapon Aptitude trick always rolls at a disadvantage. Characters cannot use exotic weapons unless they have the Exotic Weapon Aptitude trick.

Character Creation

Q: What dog breeds can I play? The breed I want to play isn't in the right section.

A: Pugmire is designed to be a system that you can easily customize to your taste. You can play any breed of dog and assign her to one of the six game Breeds. If you don't agree with what game Breed we've put a particular breed of dog in, feel free to change it in your game! Game Breeds are purely a mechanical development, and have very little impact on the Pugmire world.

Ability Checks, Attack Rolls, and Saving Throws

Q: I have a trick that gives me benefits on ability checks. Does it also work for attacks and/or damage rolls?

A: No. Ability checks are separate from attack rolls, and benefits for one kind of die roll do not carry over unless specified. See Pugmire, "Three Different Kinds of Rolls," pp. 86-87.