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For more testimonials, check out Eddy's LinkedIn.

"I highly recommend Eddy Webb for writing and editing. He's dedicated to his work and will do what is needed to finish on time with a great result."

-- Zev Shlasinger, Director of Board Games at WizKids, Inc.

"As a content creator, Eddy's expertise shone through clearly. He is detail-oriented and very organized in his workflow, managing his deadlines handily. Eddy is also very much a team-builder, offering a hand without hesitation to improve the project as a whole, and supporting his team-mates with good humor, creativity and moral support. Frankly, you couldn't ask for a better addition to a team."

-- Joseph Carriker, RPG Developer at Green Ronin Publishing

"I think the only fair way to describe Eddy Webb is that he is an ocean of information. His ability to quickly react to writing needs, fiction or mundane naming of things is unmatched. With laser focus; he makes sure to have an in-dept understanding of issues brought to his attentions, before giving you a suggestion for a solution. I highly recommend Eddy Webb for all your writing needs."

-- Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director at CCP


"Finding a content creator with interests diverse enough to allow them to immerse themselves in, and love any design or narrative project that comes along is always a challenge. Unless, of course, one has already hired Eddy Webb onto their team. Eddy IS that content creator. He was a content designer of my sprint teams at CCP on the World of Darkness MMO project. He could be counted on to provide work that was true to the Vampire property, innovative within that framework, and just as important, delivered on deadline. Add to that a willingness to engage and interact with fans of your games. Who could ask for more?"

-- Jennell Jaquays, Owner at Dragongirl Studios

"Eddy Webb is already well known as a great game writer. So I'd like to instead focus my recommendation on his valuable abilities with design work and how it complements his writing.

I hired Eddy for a week-long R & D project with a very tight deadline and an intense, condensed process. It required him to not only master a new style and system of writing for interactive audio drama but also apply his universal knowledge of game design and game writing to unique mechanics and interactive structures that built further upon our proprietary system. He had to master not one, but two new narrative design tools within about five days and he did so with blinding speed and with little supervision necessary. Apparently, Eddy's notion of a learning curve is more like a learning spike.

Likewise, when it came to mapping subject matter and traditional narrative structures to the new system, he was able to very quickly construct a guideline document that surveyed the quintessential features and structural elements of the genre. This research document became a valuable reference and resource throughout the process. In this manner, he proved that his eye for efficiency matches his drive for speed.

Finally, in addition to the design work, I'd like to touch upon Eddy's ability to expertly match the voice of an IP when he writes. While remaining quick and on deadline he kept his attention to detail intact, never straying from the authentic voice necessary for a good story adaptation process.

In sum, I really hope you don't hire him and use him for too many hours because if you do, then I won't have the opportunity to hire him again. But if you were to hire him and thwart me, it would be a very smart move on your part."

-- Jonathon Myers, Voice Industry & Interactive Audio Pioneer / Co-Founder, CEO at Earplay

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